Oil on Canvas

Fishing 3

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Nguyen Nguyen




130 cm x 130 cm
(51.2” x 51.2”)

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More about the Artist, Nguyen Nguyen

This month I noticed the following review of our newest artist Nguyen Nguyen in the Asiana Airlines in-flight magazine.

"Our cover artist for this month, Nguyen Nguyen was born in Dalat, Vietnam. This region which lies in the highlands of central Vietnam boasts what could be described as year-round spring weather. Beloved by the Vietnamese, Dalat is famous for its tea, pine trees, flower and fresh air as well as for its history, a part of which is represented in the vacation homes built by the French during Vietnam's colonial period.

"Nguyen's artistic world has been described as something akin to 'movement in stillness' and 'stillness in movement' - inspired by the Oriental philosophy of yin and yang.

"Thus, many of his works are either still lifes or landscapes. Of these, one of his more representative is a landscape featuring fishermen, angling in the rain.

"This particular work is composed of three sections, mountains, water, and in the foreground, the fishermen, done in shades of blue and green. The static mountains and water fuse naturally into the active image of the men. However, the sheets of rain, done in gray, give the entire canvas a very placid sense of rhythm. The strength of the blue and green background is balanced by the thin, ash-colored lines, adding a pastel-like softness, along with the Oriental sentiment suggested by the falling rain. Nguyen's work leads viewers in a quiet, meditative world where there is quiet in movement and silent movement within stillness. Nguyen, born Hoang Khai Nguyen, graduated from Hanoi's School of Fine Arts and works as a full time artist in Dalat."

- 2001 personal exhibiton at Le Xuan- Gallery in HCM City
- 2002 exhibition in Denmark
- 2003 exhibition in USA and Singapore
- Paintings selected by Le Xuan Gallery and actively purchases by collectors in Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, England.

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