Acrylic on Resin

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Le Thang


Ho Chi Minh


25 cm x 10 cm
(9.8” x 3.9”)

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More about the Artist, Le Thang

3D Goldfish Painting

Born in 1986 in Nha Trang

Many private collections in France , USA , United Kindom , Japan , Hong Kong , Singapore , Australia ...

From a source of inspiration by great master Riusuke Fukahori , Talented artist Le Thang started the first series in 2013 with the three-dimensional goldfish painting in resin and painted with acrylic paint . After a few years he developed his resin technique , you will not believe your eyes – some people thought that the artist put the real fish into resin … but all details of the goldfish are painted meticulously , layer by layer , he creates the image so breathtalingly details - hyper-realistic sculptures , 3D painting optical effect and brings lifelike moments . He can create the most amazing works and make almost anything come to breath .

With oriental traditions , goldfish have always been a very potent Feng Shui symbol for attracting wealth and luckiness . The meaning of goldfish in Chinese words are “ Gold and Abundance” , that is reason why many Chinese keep goldfish at their homes . In Chinese the word “Yu” means fish but also means in success in business – keep goldfish in home in the Feng Shui tradition is a way of attracting prosperity .

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