Minh Long Ho Chi Minh

ARTIST MINH LONG Born in 1968 in Ho Chi Minh City Graduated from the Hue Fine Arts College 1991 His works were chosen and many private collections in Singapore , Hong Kong , USA … Solo Exhibitions : Private artist in Duc Minh Gallery 2001 Solo Exhibition in Duc Minh Gallery 2004 Group Exhibitions : Participated in the exhibition of indoor yourng artist 1993 Participated in the exhibition " New Space" of Vietnamese and Asian artist at Ho Chi Minh 1995 Group exhibition Morden Art Association Ho Chi Minh 1997 Group exhibition oil paintings at Fine Art Musee Ho Chi Minh 1998 Group exhibition Modern Art in Hong Kong and Singapore 2000 Group exhibition in Singapore 2007 , 2008

Minh Duc Ho Chi Minh

Ngoc Tinh Ho Chi Minh

Born in 1973 in Thanh Hoa (North Vietnam). Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1999

- 2004 Exhibition at Ho Chi Minh Art Museum
- 2006 Exihibition at Lotus Gallery
- 2007 Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapour
- September, 2007 : Exhibition at Salon d?Automne International in Luneville, France

His works are in private collections in France, Singapore, Canada, Italy, USA, Swiss, and Vietnam.

Le Thang Ho Chi Minh

3D Goldfish Painting

Born in 1986 in Nha Trang

Many private collections in France , USA , United Kindom , Japan , Hong Kong , Singapore , Australia ...

From a source of inspiration by great master Riusuke Fukahori , Talented artist Le Thang started the first series in 2013 with the three-dimensional goldfish painting in resin and painted with acrylic paint . After a few years he developed his resin technique , you will not believe your eyes – some people thought that the artist put the real fish into resin … but all details of the goldfish are painted meticulously , layer by layer , he creates the image so breathtalingly details - hyper-realistic sculptures , 3D painting optical effect and brings lifelike moments . He can create the most amazing works and make almost anything come to breath .

With oriental traditions , goldfish have always been a very potent Feng Shui symbol for attracting wealth and luckiness . The meaning of goldfish in Chinese words are “ Gold and Abundance” , that is reason why many Chinese keep goldfish at their homes . In Chinese the word “Yu” means fish but also means in success in business – keep goldfish in home in the Feng Shui tradition is a way of attracting prosperity .